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This is an index of sites where you can vote for EOS Block Producers.

If you know of a site to the list here, just reach out to me via email.

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Voting Sites for EOS Block Producers

Here is a cultivated list of sites for EOS Block Producer Elections. Having problems with a site or see anything unfair? Please let me know.


A PHP-based site hosted on Github.

Warning: It still doesn't have SSL enabled - so use at your own risk!


Built by Kedar of Everipedia for his Block Producer Candidate LibertyBlock.

Warning: It still doesn't have SSL enabled - so use at your own risk!

Tokenika Offline Voting Tool

Takes a little work, but this is the most secure voting tool for EOS as of yet (if you use it correctly). Security and user-friendly do not go hand-in-hand.

How to vote by command line

You can also vote using the cleos command on any EOSIO node. You can build and deploy the EOSIO software on any computer and connect it to whatever chain you want.

First you must have an account with staked tokens.
You can check the status of your account with the command cleos get account
If you need to stake tokens for voting, you can stake to your own account by typing cleos system delegatebw myaccount myaccount "AmountBW EOS" "AmountRAM EOS"
Once you have staked tokens, you can vote with the command cleos system voteproducer prods myaccount producer1 producer2 producer3 producer4

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